GRIC Advertisement

This is an ad that I made during my co-op placement at Goodfellow Creative in Ottawa, Ontario. The ad is for GRIC, Government Relations Institute of Canada, one of their clients, and it was to be put in a brochure that would be handed out at the Broadbent Institute 2016 Progress Summit in Ottawa. I was given all the text that had to be in the ad, in both English and French.

I started by checking out the websites for GRIC and for the Progress Summit, so that I could learn a little bit more about them. After I browsed around their websites, I started doing some sketches. I decided that I wanted to incorporate the mountain peaks from the summit, so I did sketches of different mountain illustrations and different overall layouts.

Once I had a few different ideas, I created the mountain peak illustrations in Illustrator. I decided that I wanted to include the same colours and overlay look as the GRIC logo, so I played around with the illustrations until I got it just right. Once I was done the mountain illustration, I brought it into inDesign and laid out the text.

Follow Up Infographic