The Simpsons Quote Book

My goal was to create a quote book that explores type as image while combining hand-made type with digital type. I chose the animated sitcom The Simpsons as my theme because it’s a show that I grew up with, and I knew that there were lots of good quotes to choose from.

For the hand-made type, I chose to write out the names of the characters, and use the shapes of their hair to transform the letters into the characters. I chose the colours based on each character’s every day clothing and their distinctive features, like Milhouse’s eyebrows and Ned’s moustache.

I used a plain sans-serif font for the characters’ names because it was simple and thick, so it would work well for my piece. I used a slab serif for the digital type to create contrast between the hand-done type and the digital type. The colours in the digital type are pulled directly from the hand-done type to unify the hand-drawn and digital type.

Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Ned Flanders
Moe Szyslak
Milhouse Vanhouten
Maggie Simpson
Bart Simpson sketch 1
Bart Simpson sketch 2
Bart Simpson sketch 3
Bart Simpson sketch 4